This Technician Training Institute based out of Philadelphia established 10 years back provides education programs which are focused on allowing trend-setting innovation based preparing. Getting a new Line of work after graduation is a basic issue looked by numerous students.

Business Requirement
When PTTI sought to design and develop their platform, they reached out to Buyphilly. They wanted an online presence from where students can take a tour and have the guidance of how PTTI is supporting their students in providing educational programs. We designed a website that bestowed sophistication and charm of their institute on a new digital platform.

Team building
Scrutinizing the shared expectations by PTTI along with our Design and development team, Buyphilly started designing the first version of the website with day to day brainstorming with the PTTI to understand their needs carefully.

Customer experience
Buyphilly decided to create the website using open source Joomla technology due to its flexibility and user-friendly features. Smooth user interface and easy navigation were the key features in designing this website.

Mobile First
Consumers these days are more addicted to smartphones, hence mobile responsive is a critical feature for any website. Mobile responsive websites provide faster page speed, decreases the bounce rate and is adaptable to the size of a user’s viewport.

Brand Identity

PTTI holds an extremely strong identity in USA for their advanced educational programs for technicians.  The design team at Buyphilly supplemented series of modest designs to support their status that can reach out to their target audience.

Multilingual and Custom Chat

Understanding the needs of PTTI and recognizing their target audiences, Buyphilly added other key features support like multiple languages for most spoken languages like English & Spanish. To provide improved & convenient communication with the students; we also integrated custom chat for quicker communication

Technologies: Joomla, CSS3, HTML5, PHP

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